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Research Your Tax Resolution Company Before You Hire Them to Handle Your Case

​I just had a new client “Steve” call me and ask about tax resolution and Offer in Compromises… Steve hired one of the BIG FIRM’s that promises to get rid of all your tax debt 10 months ago. Steve had unfiled tax returns going back to 2012. The first thing the BIG FIRM did was to file tax returns for those 3 years. The BIG FIRM did not gather expense information from the client they only obtained income and wage transcripts from the IRS and filed returns solely based on INCOME. This now brought his tax liability which should have been in the $50,000 range up to $242,000.

Yes that is right he now owed a quarter of a million dollars. The BIG FIRM told Steve not to worry about the dollar amount because they were going to file an Offer in Compromise for my client. Pay attention to who you hire and who handles your tax relief case. The BIG FIRM did not file any Offer, they did not communicate with the IRS at all during the 10 months they had my clients case. They did absolutely nothing for Steve’s case.

When Steve called me he had a garnishment placed on his paycheck leaving him with $178 a month for him and his family to live on. The IRS was garnishing $6,000 a month on his paycheck. Researching Steve’s case I discovered that the BIG FIRM had received information on a garnishment 2 months prior and did absolutely nothing about it.  Steve paid a total of $8,000 for their services, had a tax liability for $242,000 and monthly income of $178.

Steve hired my tax resolution company to handle his case. The first week I contacted his IRS revenue officer and stopped the garnishment on his paycheck, he received his entire paycheck the very next week. Steve did not have copies of any of his information, the BIG FIRM had not returned his call and still has not sent back any of his documentation he sent to them 10 months ago. I was able to get all his transcripts and financial information within 2 weeks of his initial phone call to me. I have presented an Offer in Compromise to the revenue officer and Steve’s case is now in uncollectible status. An Offer will be reviewed in the next 6-8 months for Steve’s entire tax liability. I looked at the many options for Steve, and an Offer was the best resolution.

SEARCH out for local Enrolled Agents or CPA’s to handle your tax resolution case so you know who you are dealing with. Demand to see copies of work done and request copies of all correspondence that the IRS send out regarding your tax situation.

It is important to have a respected and licensed tax resolution specialist represent you. Gina Mewes, EA will personally represent you before all administrative levels of the IRS from start to finish. Gina will immediately stop all levies or garnishments and resolve you case within 1 month of your initial free consultation. ​